Joe Rogan is off the commentary team for UFC 266

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You’ve gotta be kidding me. The UFC 266 commentary teams were announced today, and the angel of the UFC, our hero, Joe Rogan was not included. The card conflicted with Joe’s annual hunting trip, so he had to pull out of the broadcast.

Joe’s a personal hero of mine, but like c’mon, a hunting trip? You couldn’t take a night off of castrating Elk to explain to the boys why Nick Diaz is bleeding from his eyes 25 seconds into the fight? No disrespect to Paul Felder, but literally everybody wants Joe Rogan in the booth on Saturday.

But, I guess you can’t be that mad at this one, as it’s a pretty on-brand absence for Joe. If you asked me to guess why Joe Rogan was gonna have to miss the broadcast this Saturday, I would’ve assumed hunting trip, DMT overdose, or he finally just said ‘fuck it’ and is actually getting in the cage. I’d be more upset if he was skipping it out of some sort of political protest, or he was busy at an Olivia Rodrigo concert, but he’s out slaying wild animals so what can you do.

But I think this incident begs the question, does anybody have the UFC more by the balls than Joe? Think about it, could anybody else in the UFC miss an event to go hunt? If a fighter did that, they’re cut instantly. Any other commentator, fired. But when it’s Joe Rogan we’re all just like “yeah, it’s Joe Rogan. He hunts, what do you expect him to do?”

And you know what, he deserves that treatment. He’s on the Mount Rushmore of MMA contributors, and is by far the best announcer in the game, so if he wants to miss a fight to put an arrow up a deer’s ass then god bless him.

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