Joe Rogan ‘Appreciates the Fuck’ out of Logan Paul; Would Joe Rogan Beat Logan Paul?

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I’m gonna be honest, I really don’t give a shit what anybody has to say about the Paul vs Mayweather fight. It was such an unprecedented freak show that anyone who’s gonna try to analyze and break it down is flat out lying if they’re trying to portray that they had any idea what was going on. It was the greatest boxer of all time going the distance in an exhibition match against a YouTuber. How could anyone pretend to know what was happening? But Joey Rogan? Thats god right there. I’ll listen to his take. He took to instagram to break it down, check it out.

Even in writing, Joe Rogan is a master of breaking down what nobody else can. And you know what, I agree with everything the guy said. Good for Logan, good for Floyd, they made a bunch of money and entertained me on a Sunday night. Did they kill the sport of Boxing in the process? Oh yeah. But hey, I got to see Moneybagg Yo perform so that was cool.

This has me thinking though, would Joe Rogan beat Logan (or Jake) Paul? I gotta say …. yeah he would. Have you seen that guys kicks? He’s the hardest kicking middle age man I’ve ever seen, so you gotta imagine the guys got some punching power too. I’m pretty sure the guys body is just made of some combination of iron, Elk meat, and DMT. I’ll never doubt that dude, so I’ll take him over the Paul brothers.

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