Joe Kelly Suspended for 8 Games!!!! Major League Baseball Backing Up Cheaters!!!

Last night on a 3-0 pitch, Dodgers pitchers threw a 96 mph fastball behind Astros Star and known cheater Alex Bergman just missing his head.

After that obvious “mistake” pitch from Kelly. He threw a couple of inside pitches to another known Astros cheater Carlos Correa. The struck him out Correa on a filthy breaking ball. Then as most competitors do he mocked him while leaving the mound.

To be honest as a man that played sports at a high level and especially my time in baseball, the Astros knew this shit was coming. They deserve every bit of it. They cheated their way to a World Series. I don’t t have a problem with either sides reaction with the teams squaring off. My problem is MLB backing cheaters and suspending an innocent Joe Kelly for 8 games out of 60 is ridiculous!!!! The pitches “slipped” obviously, and in this country it’s innocent until proven guilty, even when we all know what was going on. Oh Fuck The Astros !! Cheating dirt bags!!

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