Joe Harris Was Snubbed from the All-Star Game

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With the all-star reserves coming out today, there’s naturally a lot of talk in regards to who was snubbed, who wasn’t etc. And unfortunately, Joe Harris is getting snubbed from the snub conversation. There’s all this talk about Devin Booker here, Trae Young there, fuck that. Joey Buckets was an all-star.

Look at Joe’s numbers. 50% from three, that’s ridiculous. He’s a key contributor on the best team in the league, and if it weren’t for the fact that he was playing with the three best scorers in the history of the NBA, he’d probably be putting up around 30-35 per night. Like, look at some of these guys who made it over him! Julius Randle? If that guy was playing on any team besides the Knicks absolutely NOBODY would be calling for him to be an all-star. Do I have any statistics to back this up? Nope. But shit, I love Joe Harris more then any player in the league not named Spencer Dinwiddie, and I’d chop my genitals off to see him in the all-star game.

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