Joe Harris Not Being in the 3pt Contest is a Crime Against Humanity

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50%. Is that the likelihood that I’m a secretly attracted to men? No, that number hovers around 75, its Joe Harris’ 3pt percentage. Yeah, the guy makes one out of every two three-pointers, and somehow he didn’t get invited to the three-point contest? Are you kidding me? This has gotta be the biggest snub of all-star weekend.

If you look at some of the guys who made the contest over Joey, it’s simply embarrassing. Tatum, Brown, and Levine??? Harris would cockslap all three of those betas in a shootout, not even close. You know what? I’m glad. Give Joey Buckets that chip on his shoulder. Doubt this man. He’ll be shooting 60% by the end of the season just to spite the haters.

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I'm an 18 Year Old who's repeatedly had his heart ripped out by the Cowboys, Yankees, and Nets. Proud displayer of a jewy haircut, and even jewier nose. Here 4 a good tyme.

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