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Joe Elamouri Arrested – Columbia Liquor Store Employee That Assulted Shaterica Neal

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A Columbia liquor store employee Joe Elamouri was arrested on an assault charge Wednesday after he tried to hit Shaterica Neal and called her a racial slur during an argument.

The argument occurred while she parked in front of the story and started giving leftover pizza to people outside the store. [CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEOS THAT HE WAS ARRESTED FOR]

In an interview with a local news station Joe Elamouri denied using a racial slur, but he said he called her a “donkey.”


Original Story –

This this post of Calling Out Your Racism we have a post from Shaterica Neal who was giving away free pizza as she was called racist slurs by a business owner named Joe in Columbia, South Carolina.

The original post reads:

“So I stopped by the gas station after volunteering at the polls all day because I saw folks sitting out front. Asked them if they were hungry. Had an extra pizza in the car left over that the other volunteers didn’t eat.

I’m walking back towards the store with the pizza, the owner of the liquor store comes out yelling “Get the fuck from in front of my store”. “I ask him who is he talking to?”

One of the guys sitting out front says “man she is just giving us some pizza”. The owner of the liquor store then proceeds to yell calling me a “Donkey Nigger Bitch.” We got into a verbal altercation and he went on inside his store. I went into the gas station and came back out, that’s when he came back out of his store still yelling calling me a “Donkey Nigger Bitch” and that he was going to call the police.

By the time I got to my phone, mind you I was giving out pizza so my phone was in the car, he wouldn’t repeat calling me a Donkey Nigger Bitch, then tried to hit me, and swear that he was calling the cops.”

“So yeah I got called a Donkey Nigger Bitch by a local business owner in a HISTORICALLY BLACK COMMUNITY. This is the liquor store connected to the United Gas Station on 2013 Harden Street Columbia, SC 29204. Do not give this man another Black Dollar.”

The owners first name is Joe.


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