Joe Burrow and Peyton Manning had a Conversation the Other Day…

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Joe Burrow is probably going to be a Cincinnati Bengal by this time next week. He decided to give a fellow #1 draft pick…in 1998, Peyton Manning to see what lessons he can apply to his rookie year that Peyton took away.

One thing that Peyton told him was that the team has earned the right for the number 1 pick, and there will be some holes to fill, and games will be lost. It seemed to hit with Peyton when the Colts were getting blown out the first year. He learned a lot going 3-13 to 13-3 the next year because of getting pulled in the 4th quarter in blowouts.

The most hilarious piece of advice Peyton gave was if Joe was to break his rookie year 28 interceptions. “If Joe wants to break that, I’d be OK with that. We’d still be friends.”

Anxious to Fast forward to fall?

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