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Joe Biden to Throw Out First Pitch at Nationals Park

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After many years in Washington and presidential attempts dating back to the 1970s, former Vice President Joe Biden has finally fulfilled his goal of being elected to lead the United States of America.

With this comes a lot of perks. One perk, for example, is to the opportunity to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day in the Nation’s Capital.

It’s tradition that the president throws out the first pitch at a baseball game. Since Howard Taft in 1910, the only president to not do so before Donald Trump was Jimmy Carter. That said, the Nationals did offer and the White House turned them down in 2017. Trump then claimed at the beginning of the year that he would throw one out for the Yankees, who never even offered, all because he saw Dr. Fauci throw out a first pitch. When he did show up at the World Series in Washington, Trump was booed out of the building.

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