#jimmyfallonisoverparty is Trending on Social Media After Footage Shows Jimmy Fallon in Blackface

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NBC’s Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is under fire from the ‘cancel mob’ today after footage was released of him dressed up in blackface.

Reports first surfaced on social media with footage of Fallon using blackface as part of a Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit. The role he played was impersonating comedian/actor Chris Rock.

Down below is the video of that scene Fallon was part of.

And Twitter users were all over it, sharing their displeasure and thoughts over the footage.

The YouTube clip above also mentioned about journalist Megyn Kelly, who was fired for only mentioning blackface on TV. She claimed it was ‘acceptable’ to use it in context for Halloween costumes a couple years ago.

Kelly apologized the day after those comments were made, but her and her show were dropped in just short amount of time.

Let’s say for a lot of people, they can’t wait to see the apology that the former SNL regular cast member will come up with in the next couple days. This is going to be interesting.

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