Jimmer Fredette Deserves Another Shot In The NBA

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One name that many of us have most likely forgotten over the years is Jimmer Fredette. The young star from BYU that had range unknown to mankind at that day in age. He was many people idol while he was in college, and a lot of us hoped that he would go into the NBA and make a solid living in the big leagues. He didn’t do as expected, despite a few games where he dropped good numbers. But he still continued his basketball career somewhere else, in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). That is where Yao Ming played ball at before he entered the NBA.

Although many people forgot who he was, Jimmy buckets put on a performance for us to remember his name once again. This boy put up 70 points, shooting 50% from beyond the arc, AND THEY STILL LOST.

Watch this two minute clip of his performance in this game, and then tell me he doesn’t deserve another shot with the big boys.

I am a big Jimmer fan myself, always have been and would love to see him make some money moves in the NBA again. I’m riding with Jimmer until he’s back in America.

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Jonathan Garner

Junior at Grand Valley State University Sport Management Major

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