Jim Harbaugh Gets Extended Through 2026… Great News For the Rest of the Big 10!

As per Bruce Feldman (fellow Jew I assume, shalom sir) the Michigan Wolverines are expected to Extend Jim Harbaugh through 2026. Despite speculation that Harbaugh might get canned following a shitty 2020 season, and an 0-5 career record vs Ohio State, Harbaugh’s gonna end up with 6 more years! Yay!

I’m sorry, but you cannot convince me that Jim Harbaugh is not anything other than a below average football coach. During his Michigan tenure, he’s gone 0-5 against OSU, 3-3 against a shaky Michigan State program, 1-4 in bowl games, and 1-8 against top 10 teams. Tremendous numbers. Is he a good recruiter, sure. The guy would probably be willing to do anything short of giving himself a circumcision just to land a 4-star defensive tackle, but the problem is he can’t do anything with the talent.

I gotta say though, as a Rutgers fan, I’m thrilled about this news. We play Michigan every year, and though they have more talent than us (for now), they won’t have a coaching advantage for the next six years. Hell, the gap is now wide open for the Knights to cement themselves as a top dawg in the Big 10, because Michigans days of semi-dominance are done until at least 2026.

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