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Jim Harbaugh And Michigan Agree To A 5 Year Extension, What Does This Mean For Michigan Football?

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What does this mean for Michigan football? Well it means one of two things. We will either experience 5 more years of getting our hopes up just to lose every year to OSU and finish 3rd in the B1G East, or Harbaugh has something up his sleeve and can somehow turn things around with his new contract. This recruiting class coming in has brought an amazing 5 star QB that is a true Michigan man, JJ Mccarthy, along with some other weapons revolving around him. It is no question that Michigan has needed a solid QB since Harbaugh has came to Michigan, so hopefully this is what will turn things around.

This new contract for Harbaugh is a huge pay cut compared to his previous contract. So either Harbaugh couldn’t find an NFL team to coach for, or he truly wants to be at Michigan and turn things around. I am hoping for the second one. Harbaugh will be dealing with a lot of pressure coming into this next season, cause I believe nearly half of all Michigan fans wanted him to leave or be fired. But regardless, this next season is huge for Harbaughs resume at Michigan, he needs to find a way to win the big games (OSU) and I know that he knows that.

Ohio State sure is happy about the new contract extension for Harbaugh, as they have liked the tweets of Harbaugh coming back. That comes as no surprise since OSU has done nothing but dominated Michigan under the Harbaugh era.

But hopefully this will spark a flame on the Michigan sideline in years to come. First and foremost though, they need to find something to fix this defense.

And they did, Mike Macdonald just signed a deal to be the new DC at Michigan. He was the LB coach at the Baltimore Ravens, which is Jim Harbaugh’s brother, John’s team. So hopefully John gave his brother some advice and told him to hire him, because he would be a good fit to help put Michigan football in the right direction. I’m not saying that Don Brown was a bad fit for Michigan at all, because Michigan had the best defense in the country under him for a couple of years. But Don Browns defense was too easy for teams to pick apart. Teams started to understand how to play against Michigan, and therefore, Don Brown had to be fired.

Being a Michigan fan myself, I had a lot of mixed feelings about this whole situation for the last few weeks. I love Harbaugh and everything he does, but he also couldn’t prove to us why he deserved to be the Michigan coach. I still am iffy on the whole situation but I do believe that Harbaugh loves it at Michigan, and is embarrassed about his team this last season and will come out in 2021 with attitude. If 2016 Harbaugh can come back with that type of fire/energy on the sideline, then I do believe that Michigan can become elite again.

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