Jets Still Searching For Their Pilot

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Vikings new quarterback, Kirk Cousins. Bears new quarterback, Case Keenum. Cardinals new quarterback, Sam Bradford. Jets new quarterback… still not signed?

“Money can’t buy happiness” seems to be the theme for Gang Green when it comes to signing a potential starting quarterback. With about $89 million to spend on the 2018 season, the Jets came into the free agency frenzy with the 2nd highest salary cap space in the NFL. The money alone had placed them as one of the front runners for a quarterback. Specifically, Kirk Cousins.

After Case Keenum went to Denver it was down to two cities in the race for cousins. It was New York vs Minnesota. It was a team coming off of a surprise NFC Championship appearance vs a team coming off of a season with a bottom of the barrell record. It was wins vs money. Cousins chose the Vikings and the Jets are back to searching for a new quarterback.

Don’t worry Jet fans, although this season most likely won’t be much better than last, there is still a way to set up for the future at quarterback. My solution? Sign Teddy Bridgewater and draft a TEAM this year. That means no reaching for a quarterback. When your pick comes, take the best player that best fits the team. Whether that is drafting a position of need or drafting the best available player. Basically, dont center the draft around a quarterback.  If the time comes and the pick makes sense to take a quarterback at that time, go for it. But the main focus should be building a football team. With another high draft pick most likely coming next year, the Jets have no reason to rush the quarterback position this year. If Bridgewater can revert back to his play from before he was injured then the Jets potentially have themselves a pro bowl quarterback.

No matter what the Jets do they are most likely at least a couple of years away from being contenders for anything. The Jets have a chance to start building a team and change the theme of this offseason from “money can’t buy happiness” to “if you build it, they will come”.

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