Jets ship diva Jamal Adams off to the Seahawks for a HAUL

Wow. Wasn’t expecting a NFL blockbuster to go down on this fine Saturday afternoon, but here we are. Per Adam Schefter, the Jets sent Adams and a 4th in 2022 to for Bradley McDougald (safety), a 1st & 3rd in 2021, and another 1st in 2022, pending physicals.

Jets get a massive return for the superstar safety, and was the best player on their team and a Top-5 player in the league at his position. Adams has made two Pro-Bowls and made his first All-Pro last year since be drafted in 2017. He is the ultimate swiss-army knife on Defense as he can line up anywhere on the field. The Jets and their fans should be elated to get what they received for a player that had to be moved. Props to GM Joe Douglas for not botching this like the Billy O’Brien and the Hopkins trade (still scratching my head about that to this day). New York wasn’t winning it all next year anyway and they get rid of a locker-room cancer. Le’Veon Bell was quick to go to twitter to show his frustration with Adams:

Fantastic move by them for being in a position where they didn’t have a ton of leverage. Adams has been such a headache for them and it was impossible for them to focus on the upcoming season if they didn’t do something about this. Now what will be important to see is if they’ll make the most of their newly acquired assets and help their young QB. Assuming they have another mediocre season which is likely, Gase should be fired at the end of the year.

For the Seahawks, yeah it’s a lot to give up, but they’re in Win-Now mode and are definitely a contender to host the Lombardi at the end of this season. If that happens, then it will be totally worth it. Russel is in the prime of his career so they have to strike while the iron’s hot. Plus, it’s not like they’ve been acing their recent 1st Round picks, i.e. Rashaad Penny. Pete Carroll loves his DB’s and will have fun pairing him with Quandre Diggs (sighing with my fellow Lions fans) who also can be lined up in multiple positions. Don’t forget that they have to play twice a year against the offensive minds of Shanahan, McVay, & Kingsbury. Adams will especially help against LA & SF who love to run meshes and other under routes. As long as Brian Schottenheimer doesn’t completely hinder Wilson and the offense like he tends to do, then they should be right there in the thick of things in Mid-January.


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