Jessie James (Decker) Rips Titans Coaching

Jessie Decker is a Country pop singer-songwriter, reality television personality, and the wife of Tennessee Titans WR Eric Decker. Jessie, has spoken her mind on Twitter in the past and today she decided to complain about coaching of the Tennessee Titans.

The Titans had a 1st-and-goal from the 1-yard line, and failed to score after taking four shots at the end zone, including an incomplete pass to Delanie Walker and a Derrick Henry run on 4th down being stopped short.

After that she took to Twitter. And wouldn’t stop.

Last week he finished with seven catches for 88 yards.


? she deleted this one ?


Her husband Eric finished with zero catches, and a couple of late drops. They did end up winning against the Cleveland Browns today 12-9.

I wonder how Eric felt after reading these Tweets.

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