Jess Lockwood and 2019

Jess Lockwood is the Professional Bull Riders (PBR)  and the youngest world champion and is currently ranked second in the PBR’s world standings. He is making a run for his second world championship and based on his ranking and how he has been riding this year he may just clinch his second world title on November 10th, in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. 

Jess has had a season of ups and downs. He started the year off winning the first event of the year in New York City, NY. He followed that by winning the following event in Chicago. He still placed in events following Chicago and would be sidelined after sustaining a broken collar bone during the PBR’S Global Cup event in Arlington, TX while attempting to ride Wild Goose. This injury would place him on the sidelines for around three months and that time seemed to only serve to make him want to ride more rather than sitting at home watching events or helping out with coverage of events at the RidePass desk.

As no stranger to adversity and coming back from injuries Jess seemed to make up for the lost time over the summer amassing a huge amount of points over the summer. The summer run and points gained there have helped keep Jess towards the top of the standings over the season. The top spot has shifted several times over this year and has helped make the race to world champion one of the most interesting to follow in the twenty-six-year history of PBR. This appears to be the closest title race in recent memory and it is one that may not be settled until the last otherwise known as Championship Sunday at the World Finals. That could play in Jess’s favor even though he may prefer to be the leader and having others trying to catch him.

The reason it may work in his favor is that in 2017 when he won his first world championship he came into the World Finals trailing the world’s number one. He had an awesome Finals and overtook the top spot and appeared to be able to be unstoppable and won the world championship Saturday night. That could happen this year again if he draws well or drafts well during Finals again this year. It’s a steep climb currently and there is a chance for him to make up ground in the standings and regain the top spot in the standings heading into Finals. If not though that does not mean he could not surprise everyone and take it bull by bull and jump to jump and come out of Finals the champion.

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