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Jerry Jones is officially Senile after saying Cowboys and Rams offenses shows similarities

The Los Angeles Rams are no doubt the most talked about team in the NFL right now, starting the season out 4-0.

Jerry Jones the owner of the cough, cough the 1-2 Cowboys thinks there are similarities in the Cowboys and Rams offense.

This is just one example of him recently showing signs of Jones going senile, another? Keeping Jason Garrett around as the head coach.

According to ProFootballTalk:

Jones said today on 105.3 The Fan that he sees a lot of similarities between the Cowboys and the Rams.

Running down the way the Cowboys’ offense and the Rams’ offense compare, Jones said he’s as proud to have Dak Prescott as his quarterback as the Rams are to have Jared Goff as their quarterback.

Jones also noted that the Cowboys can use Tavon Austin the way the Rams did last year, and added, “I like our offensive line, when it stacks up against the Rams.”

“I don’t think it’s a reach to think we could have that kind of productivity,” Jones said.

Of course, saying the Cowboys “could have” the kind of productivity the Rams have is a far cry from saying the Cowboys do have the kind of productivity the Rams have. The Rams are, along with the Chiefs, one of the top two offenses in the NFL this year. The Cowboys are near the bottom of the league on offense. The Rams are averaging 35 points per game while the Cowboys are averaging 13.7 points per game.

When Mike Bacsik of 105.3 The Fan told Jones that the Rams and Cowboys have looked a lot different on offense this year, Jones answered, “That’s why you’re doing radio and not the coaching.”

Jones sounds defensive, perhaps because the reality is, the Cowboys and the Rams aren’t close. Jones may have aspirations about reaching the Rams’ level, but right now his team is a long way off.

Let’s see how Dallas look this Sunday against Detroit. If I was to give you my preview, it would be NOT to take Dallas. Detroit’s going to come out hot.

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