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Jeremy Lin: Another Injury On Day 1

Most people remember Jeremy Lin from his “Linsanity” days for the New York Knicks, but nowadays, Lin is looking to revitalize his career just down the road in Brooklyn, where he looked to get his season off to a strong start against the Indiana Pacers. Things seemed to be going strong for Lin early, with Lin scoring 18 points and 4 assists  in just 25 minutes, but in the fourth quarter, this layup proved to be horrendous for Lin:

As you can see, Lin right away knows that something is terribly wrong with his knee, and can be seen saying “I’m done” multiple times before bursting into tears from what he knows could possibly be a season-ending injury before it really even began. It has been reported that Lin has ruptured his patella tendon, and his timetable for return is currently unknown, but is expected to miss the rest of this season. This seems to be more and more the regular thing now in the NBA, and even though Lin isn’t necessarily a star, you have to ask some questions about the NBA season, or at least the preparation up to it.

Does there need to be a shorter season to keep these guys healthy? Is there something certain teams are missing in their strength and conditioning that allows ageless players like Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant to play just about every game without injury, but now it seems like players can’t play more than 10 games without a day off?

LeBron and JR Smith sitting out a game last season PC:

We want to hear what you think. How do we keep these players healthy, and give the fans what they pay good money for, and that’s to see their superstars perform night in and night out? Send your comments below, and follow our Facebook page @ProSportsExtra and tell us what you think there as well!

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