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Jeff Nadu vs Michael Gruen is the fight we didn’t know we needed | @JeffNadu @Michaelgr1011

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Businessman Michael Gruen posted on Twitter that he’d like to fight in Rough N Rowdy a fighting event that is hosted by Barstool Sports.

Over the last year, Gruen, has made a big name for himself with huge business ventures and being around popular internet content creators. Before that, Gruen, 22, made also made lot of money from Bitcoin and other business ventures.

Gruen is getting a surgery soon because he is overweight. So whoever he fights it’ll be after he recovers from surgery and can train. But Gruen said that he would love to fight in the event then.

But who would he fight?

Gruen put the challenge out on Twitter and Jeff Nadu said that he’ll fight him.

Nadu, a former Barstool employee has been talked about coming back to Barstool and that could possibly be part of the fight hype.

I can see it now, if Nadu does win, he gets his job back. Headlines for days. And Gruen will bring the headline of the ‘TikTok friends/business owner’ aspect.

Nadu has been on a weight loss journey of his own posting his weight-loss journey on Twitter. And Nadu called Gruen out for going to have surgery instead of losing it the way that he is.

Nadu said that: “I’ll beat the fuck out of him. If Dave signs off on fight.” When I asked him about a fight against Gruen.

I can’t lie, I thought about saying I’d fight Gruen when he posted it on Twitter. But I like Gruen. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to fight someone for a check. I decided not to comment on it though. I waited to see who’d accept a fight against him. And that’s when Nadu came in. On that side, I like Nadu as well. Both follow Pro Sports Extra on Twitter. So I’m stuck in the middle on who I think would win. Nadu seems like he might have more of the grit side to him in the fighting aspect, but who knows.

Gruen said that he’d have Griffin Johnson train him. Nadu thought that that was hilarious: “Kid said tik tokers will train him. Lol”

We will have to wait and see if Dave Portnoy signs off on a fight between the two. And how big of a money bag can be at play. I’ll buy the fight. I can only imagine the exposure that Gruen would bring in. And on the other side, Nadu to get his job back? Would be a storyline like no other at RNR.

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