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Jeff Nadu Announces He Is Leaving Barstool Sports |@jeffnadu

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Jeff Nadu who is known as Big Man On Campus has decided to move on from his position at Barstool Sports.

Although his time at Barstool was short in the end he has many highlights. Most recently people thought that Nadu and another Barstool employee would end up fighting at Rough N Rowdy because of the beef they were having:

Besides that he asked who Barstool founder Dave Portnoys best friend, Ellio, was… and Portnoy roasted him because Nadu bashed Barstool in the past.

It’s unclear if any of this has to do with Nadu leaving.

Nadu made it clear in his statement on twitter that this was 100% his decision to leave.

“Having an opportunity to work at a company like Barstool was a highlight of my career.

I did something that I’m proud of and even having a shot is something that will always be special to me.

Ultimately I have decided to move on from my position there. Thursday will be my last day. I thank Dave, Erika and any of the people that made it a point to give me a shot and were kind to me there.

This is my decision and my decision only. I will return to doing content soon hopefully and look forward to the rest of Baseball season.”

It seems like Nadu plans to continue making content. Good for him! Good luck.

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