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Jason Garrett Keeps Showing Up To The Cowboys Facility, Even Though They Told Him He Would Not Be Brought Back

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If you thought the Antonio Brown saga was strange, you’ll love this.

It has been widely reported that (maybe former, we think?) Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett will not be brought back to coach the team. That apparently hasn’t stopped him from showing up.

Here’s what Jay Glazer had to say about it:

This is bizarre.

Garrett has evidently been told multiple times that he will not be coaching the team next year but he just keeps showing up.

I think this is a brilliant move by Garrett. He just keeps showing up and eventually Jerry Jones will be so drunk one day that he will forget that Garrett’s contract is up and just continue to allow him to coach the team.

The Cowboys are definitely one of the most talented teams to miss the playoffs and I think the head coach is primarily to blame.

This just shows how dysfunctional Jerry has allowed his franchise to get. He keeps Garrett for parts of 10, largely underperforming, seasons when a better coach could have brought another Lombardi trophy to Dallas.

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