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Jason Garrett is once again a snake in the grass.

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Longtime Dallas Cowboys head coach and current offensive coordinator Jason Garrett recently gave an interview and talked about new New York Giants head coach Joe Judge and I came away feeling like I did when he was a coordinator here in Dallas.

He talked a lot about Judge and our program as opposed to his program. This makes me feel like Garrett is already trying to undermine the head coach. The same scenario took place with then Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips.

Phillips apparently lost the locker room before Owner Jerry Jones fired him but I wonder how much did Jason Garrett play into this equation. There is no doubt Garrett is a cerebral football mind and his Ivy league education surpasses most of our academic accomplishments but his tactics are all to familiar.

His simplistic approach on how game-day operations would work with a talented Cowboys roster makes me wonder if the game hasn’t passed him by. His remarks at the end of the conversation left me baffled.

“I have no advice to give” when asked if there was anything he wanted to tell head coach Joe Judge. As a first time head coach, any advice a previous coach gives you is useful. Not giving advice to the first time head coach is a sink or swim move that could reveal Garrett’s ulterior motive.

His straight forward approach to his game plans also show everyone his narcissistic personality and reveals that him being a coordinator is beneath him.

I have to know wonder how long will Joe Judge last in New York? The real question I am now asking myself is “how long until Jason Garrett is the new head coach of the New York Giants”?

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