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Don’t you love when someone whose double your age, been on Twitter since 2009, has 1,000 followers, a blue checkmark tries trash talking you? That’s the case for this loser Jason Clary.

Two months ago he tweeted about how people from ProSportsExtra need to stop spamming tweets under posts, because we are sports writers and that’s now how you promote your work.

Well guess what ya big idiot there is a reason why your stupid Dolphins website isn’t even ranked on Alexa website ranking and we continue to jump up every month.

Maybe worry about yourself instead of worrying about us.

But instead you can’t keep our name out of your mouth. That’s where we are at today. I commented a link about Barstool founder Dave Portnoy onto a Barstool post and out of nowhere this loser comes in thinking he’s going to be cool.

You’d think that commenting a blog about the founder of Barstool on a Barstool tweet wouldn’t be a big deal. Well if you’re Jason Clary, that makes you upset.

Thanks for that. Keep commenting on our stuff, but you should focus on building your shit Dolphins network instead of commenting on things that we do. Maybe gain some followers for once? You’ve been on Twitter for like 15 years and have less than 2,000 followers. Maybe just maybe you’re promoting wrong. Maybe there is a reason the founder of Barstool follows us and not you. Douchebag.

I’ve been running ProSportsExtra since 2011, look how many different gigs he had since then. Dude’s mad because he can’t land on his feet.

Maybe if he focused on building his own website like his Twitter claims he is then he wouldn’t have to bounce job to job every two years.

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