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Jared Goff’s Girlfriend Christen Harper Posted These Hot Pictures!

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Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff might be going from Los Angeles to Detroit and people consider that a downgrade. I disagree. You’re going from a fake life to a real one but in reality when you have a girlfriend who looks like Goff’s you’re winning no matter where you are.

Christen Harper is Goff’s girlfriend and needless to say she’s one of the best looking girlfriends out of every NFL player. She’s a dime!

Check out these images she recently posted:

In an audition tape for the Sports Illustrated 2021 swimsuit issue that she filmed last fall and posted to Instagram, Harper talked about feeling self-conscious when she was younger and “picking myself apart.” She said it wasn’t until she saw the magazine’s swimsuit issue at 13 that she realized she could just be herself.

“I was told countless times by agencies that I would be successful if I could just lose a few inches off my waist and that I wouldn’t be taken seriously outside of LA because of the size of my chest,” she wrote on Instagram. “…It took a long time to fully love my body for all that it is, but I am standing here today happier and more confident than ever.”

Click here if you want to see more hot pictures of her!

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