Jamie Collins Talked To Trey Flowers and Danny Amendola Before Signing With Detroit Lions, Add’s In That They’re In A Groupchat and He Talks To Them More Than Some Of His Family

There is not doubt in my mind that the Detroit Lions have improved this offseason. One move that was impressive was bringing in Jamie Collins.

Not only did the Lions get better on the field performance wise, but mentally strong as well.

By now you know the Lions have been bringing in former New England Patriots into the organization to bring in the hard mouth Bill Belichick way. When Jamie Collins was asked if he talked to any other former Patriots about moving to Detroit, he made the message clear that he is in contact with Danny Amendola and Trey Flowers!

Bringing in players who enjoy the Patriot way will always be okay with me. Detroit need’s more hardnose/grinders on the Lions!

That’s what Detroit will be getting with Collins.

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