James Harden Might Get a Triple-Triple Tonight

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No KD, no Kyrie, primetime game with the whole world watching. What’s that a recipe for? Not necessarily a Brooklyn win, but a James Harden cocking on the entire basketball court.

Since taking over as the ‘point guard,’ or whatever that means, Hardens been dropping about 200 assists per game. With no other stars, thats gonna mean a lot more behind the back, through the asshole dimes, which is gonna result in a complete stat stuffing performance from James. Not just assists though, he’s gonna make time for about 50 of those dribble between the legs for 22 seconds then take a stepback. Assuming he hits those at a 90% clip, which I feel is reasonable, I think we can expect about 100 points and 150 assists given the situation.

Harden whacked off looking at that injury report. Throw in about 50 rebounds for him for shits and giggles. We all know Deandre’s not grabbing any.

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Noah Gagnon

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