James Harden is now a Fatty

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DISCLAIMER: In no way, shape, or form am I fat-shaming in this blog. With that being said, James Harden should be shamed for looking like such a tubby out there.

I mean look at that gut!!! I guess we know what he’s been doing while he wasn’t at camp… EATING!!!! Like, James, you’re a top-10 scorer in the history in the league, all you have to do in the offseason is not become obese. You should literally wake up every morning telling yourself “don’t go to jail, don’t get fat don’t go to jail, don’t get fat, don’t go to jail, don’t get fat.”

What do you think he’s been eating? Probably a lot of ass. I mean, the guy’s chronically addicted to strip clubs and lap dances, so he’s probably put on at least 15 pounds through analingus alone this offseason. It’s honestly gonna be tough to watch those titties jiggle for an entire basketball game, so he better slim down by opening night.

No but I get it, Houston strip clubs are notorious for the buffet’s so its gotta be tough to stay away. But with Harden looking like a prime Eddie Lacy, the Nets better back off. The guy seems more interested in eating a 40 piece nuggets then having a 40 point game.

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Noah Gagnon

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