James Harden and Dejounte Murray Feud on Twitter

NBA BEEF ALERT! NBA BEEF ALERT! So last night some toolbag on Twitter posted an obviously CGI edited video clip of Brooklyn Nets superstar, and all-around great, loving, fun-hearted, philanthropist James E. Harden ALLEGEDLY trying to trip San Antonio Spurs bum Dejounte Murray. After seeing the video, Murray went at James in a since-deleted tweet. Check out the video and tweet.

After watching the video I think what we have here is a simple misunderstanding. It’s clear that a very strong gust of wind swept through the Barclays center, causing James like to shoot a few inches forward, right where Murray was happening to land. Because trust me, no member of this upstanding Brooklyn Nets team would ever commit such a heinous act. Oh, and by the way Dejounte, don’t accuse James of playing the victim. He’s clearly just surprised that there were such strong winds in the arena, and thats his way of requesting arena staff maintain airflow in the building. Dejounte Murray has clearly never been to the Barclays before, and it shows.


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