Jalen Ramsey Wants to Be Traded Out of Jacksonville… Where Will He Be Traded To?

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After being seen arguing with head coach Doug Marrone last Sunday, Jacksonville Jaguars Pro Bowl cornerback Jalen Ramsey wants out of Jacksonville and to be traded somewhere else. 

Yes, Jacksonville do not intend to trade him either, but maybe they have to do it at some point in the season. 

Ramsey also wants to get paid in his next contract a LOT, once and IF he reaches free agency. 

Yet the bigger question is, where will he be traded to? 

To answer that big question, I have came up with five possible and ideal, landing spots for the player and how it can work out for both Ramsey and the team. 

Oakland (Las Vegas) Raiders 

The Raiders are moving over to Las Vegas next season and both head coach  Jon Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock agree, they can pull the trigger if its at the right price. 

They do have a couple draft picks to spend as well, as they’ll receive first and sixth round picks as part of the Khalil Mack trade. They also have the cap space next season to use so they can sign him to his extension he desired. 

Ramsey would also fit in with the team as a whole based on how many big personalities that are on there too.

Even though Ramsey doesn’t fit into the man cover defense that the Raiders, Gruden has been known to acquire other outspoken stars such as the brief career of Antonio Brown. 

Even if the Brown experiment didn’t work out, why not have the Raiders try one more time with the All-Pro corner? 

Dallas Cowboys 

This exact situation occurred last year with wide receiver Amari Cooper, Jerry Jones traded a first-round pick just to get Cooper and he’s now flourishing with likes of quarterback Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. 

Dallas appears to be gearing up for another deep playoff run and if Jones call pull off a big trade just to get him, this team can go deep (possibly to a Super Bowl). 

He’ll be able to mesh well with young, hungry players like linebackers Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch, and safeties Byron Smith and Xavier Woods. 

Plus, the Cowboys have additional cap space at nearly $92 million in 2020 to sign him to the big extension he’s seeking, just hope it does not go over the cap especially if they also want to sign Prescott. 

Baltimore Ravens 

The Ravens are also a young, hungry team that has expectations placed upon them and one more key addition can help them go deep into the postseason. 

Along with the developing prowess of dual-threat quarterback Lamar Jackson and a stable defensive core, this would make sense for Ramsey to don the black and purple. 

The team looks playoff-ready and the addition of Ramsey would help the already top-ten defense reach bigger heights. 

Ramsey’s cover skills would partner up well with fellow cornerback Jimmy Smith and safety Earl Thomas in the secondary. 

Baltimore is sitting in good cap room so far for next year, but will he get an extension to stay in the AFC North?

This would be a perfect trade to pull off from the Ravens and if they do, watch out AFC. 

Detroit Lions 

Detroit’s really desperate to contend with the likes of their rival teams in the NFC North. 

The Lions do have a good secondary, but the addition of Ramsey would make two Pro Bowl shutdown corners for Detroit. 

General Manager Bob Quinn has done okay with the salary cap and signed key free agents to assemble a contending team. However, most fans think that he isn’t done yet. The question will be, is he’s going to want spend two first-round picks just to get him. I’m saying maybe on this one. 

No, I’m not saying it because Ramsey liked a Lions fan post on Instagram, I’m saying it because the team wants to be known a serious contender. 

I’m also explaining this because the Lions already have a quietly good defense and Ramsey’s presence would put them over the top.

New England Patriots

The Patriots have had a long history of bringing in players that were growing  frustrated with their teams, and Ramsey would the textbook definition of those players. 

After acquiring controversial wide receivers Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown, you’d think they were done looking for talent, right? Think again. 

If they pull off a trade to bring in Ramsey, this would shore up their defense and might cement their fourth straight Super Bowl appearance already. 

The player would mesh well lining up alongside cornerback Stephon Gilmore and the McCourty twins. 

I do not think the Pats will extend him, however. But Belichick would potentially give up two picks for him and give Ramsey a chance to seal one of his true goals as a player: play for a championship.

Well who knows what happens to Ramsey after his Thursday Night Football matchup against rival Tennessee Titans. But wherever he is at, he’ll either flourish or become a bust. 

It depends on the team too. Let me know what you think by replying or leave a comment down below. 

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