Jalen Ramsey Has Been Traded to the Los Angeles Rams

After some long standing drama between cornerback Jalen Ramsey and the Jacksonville Jaguars, the two sides have finally parted ways as Ramsey was traded to the Los Angeles Rams.

Ramsey has not played in multiple weeks, as he has been out with a few injuries that he made up.

The Rams gave up both a 2020 and 2021 first round pick (and a fourth rounder) to acquire Ramsey.

Acquiring Ramsey became a necessity after Aquib Talib was placed on injured reserve and Marcus Peters was traded away to the Ravens.

This will be the tail end of the Rams not having any first round picks:

I am going to say it; I don’t know how the Rams will be able to sustain their roster with all of this high end talent. They already have some big contracts, and will almost certainly extend Ramsey for big money. Why give up that much if you aren’t planning on re-signing him, right?

On the flip-side, the Jaguars will now have extra first round picks in which to build their team, not that that they have had much luck with that in the past, however:


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