Jake Paul opens as betting favorite against Tyron Woodley.

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Sigh, *insert ah shit, here we go again meme*. Jake Paul’s back at it, and he’s probably gonna rip my soul out again. In his next bout against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, Jake’s opened as a -155 betting favorite, leading me to believe that he’s gonna beat yet another UFC fighter. I can just see it now, Tyron sitting against the ropes, waiting to pick his spots, just letting Jake Paul pick him apart and eventually knock him out.

Say what you will about Jake, but the kid picks his matchups masterfully. He went from YouTuber, to pro athlete, to former shitty UFC fighter, to former good UFC fighter, and he’s just gonna rip my heart out as he sleeps all of these guys. But despite all logical parts of my brain understanding that the only way this fight ends is with Jake dancing around the ring while Tyron tries to stammer back to his feet, there’s still a 100% chance I bet on Woodley. The thought of Tyron blasting him through the ring with an overhand right is just so damn satisfying.

All you can hope for is that Woodley actually trains, the fight isn’t fixed, and he actually lands some shots. I can live with the fact that at this point Jake can actually outbox Tyron, but if this is some shitshow where Tyron comes in out of shape and takes a dive I’m gonna gag myself.

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Noah Gagnon

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