Jake Paul Is Mad Pete Davidson Asked Him About His Rape Allegations and Laughed, Not Because He Roasted Him, And I Don’t Blame Him

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Jake Paul has taken a different life into the boxing world over the last three years – as he continues to work his way up and most recently he fought Ben Askren during a Triller fight. He won that fight. But what happened before the fight really upset him.

While the cameras were rolling on Jake Paul’s feed, Pete Davidson, who was hosting the fight brought up the recent rape allegations that were against Paul. Not only brought it up, but laughed about it.

After that, I figured that Paul would have been very upset. I mean if Jake didn’t do it, why joke? If he did do it, why joke? Why bring it up in a comedy sense? Especially when it’s a recent allegation?

Like if Jake did do it, I’m sure the female doesn’t want to hear people laughing about it. And if he didn’t do it, why make it continue?

Paul ended up going on ImPaulsive and said that he isn’t going to let Davidson be involved again.

People thought it’s because Davidson roasted Paul before the fight. That’s not the reason at all. If anything I believe Paul would have liked Davidson making the jokes and making everything relatable for an older audience. But once you touch on a subject like rape – you’re going to make someone very upset.

It’s because he laughed and brought up a rape allegation. Hard to make rape jokes in 2021. Probably shouldn’t even attempt to bring it up.

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