Jake Paul Got A “Gotcha Hat” Tattoo After Snatching Floyd Mayweathers Hat

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Jake Paul is hilarious. People hate him and they continue to build up his bank account. Most recently after Jake’s brother, Logan, finished his press conference with Floyd Mayweather – Jake and Mayweather got into it.

Jake planned to steal Floyd’s hat and needless to say it worked out for him. Although Jake ended up getting punched, getting a black eye, he decided he’s going to sell a hat that says “gotcha hat” – smart marketing.

And on top of that… he just got a new tattoo.

“Gotcha Hat”

This kid doesn’t lose. I call him kid, but we are the same age. Maybe it’s because he acts like a kid? But he keeps winning. Logan and Floyd didn’t get into it much. Jake decided to make something out of nothing and it worked out again. Logan and Floyd wasn’t trending. Hell, no one was really watching the press conference. And now? Millions of people watching the video and now everyone wants to tune in… Will Logan lose to Floyd and then have to face Jake?

Who knows. Time will tell.

All I know is that the Paul brothers are making a bag! And I don’t blame them for doing stupid stuff like this. It works. Genius marketers.

Check out the fight that happened between Jake and Floyd:

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