Jake Paul and Tryon Woodley’s Presser will be atrocious

Written by Noah Gagnon

The details have been set for the kind of highly anticipated “boxing” match between Jake Paul and Tryon Woodley. The gentlemen will face off in the beautiful city of Cleveland on August 29, and there will be a press conference tomorrow. I recommend mentally preparing yourself for that press conference now, because its going to be an absolute shit show.

We’re dealing with two of the cringiest trash talkers I’ve ever seen, so I can imagine this presser will be more difficult to watch than my own conception video. You can expect Jake to take shots at Woodley’s recent losses, and Tyron to drop douchy, cliche lines, and we might even hear him rap. Honestly, if I hear Tyron Woodley do a freestyle diss track at the press conference tomorrow I think I’ll change my perspective on the whole thing. I know I’m kinda shitting on it right now, but that would completely turn me. It’s one of those things that is just so unbelievably awful that you can’t do anything but laugh at the situation.

The faceoff should be fun too, I wonder if any contact will be made. Probably not, but I’m pretty sure if Tyron wanted to he could suplex Jake into a new dimension, so maybe that’ll happen. But, I gotta say, if there are any moments as captivating as the infamous “gotcha hat” we’re in for an all-time event. Legends are made at Paul brother press conferences. I’m being sarcastic, if you couldn’t tell, this things gonna be more unwatchable than cartel beheading videos, but I guess enjoy the chaos for what it is.

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