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Jaguars’ Calais Campbell Gets Called For Lowering Helmet For Contact, but Replay Shows He Completely Missed Deshaun Watson

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How. Just how this call was made was beyond me. 

Earlier this morning during the game in London, Jacksonville Jaguars defensive lineman Calais Campbell attempted to make a play on Houston Texas quarterback Deshaun Watson. He was flagged for ‘lowering his helmet to initiate contact’ personal foul. 

There was one problem however, the replay on the penalty call showed that Campbell appeared to have missed Watson completely as he tried to tackle him. 

Yup, you can probably add this call to one of many botched or completely bad calls that the referees have had in the last couple seasons. 

Keep in mind this is also the same referee (Clete Blakeman) that officiated the Detroit Lions-Green Bay Packers Monday Night Football debacle a few weeks ago.

The one game where Lions’ Trey Flowers was flagged for ‘hands to the face’ twice, when it appeared that he didn’t have his hands up to the face of Packers’ David Bahktiari. 

Just please, NFL. Fix this referee BS right away until it gets really worse than it is now.  

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