Jae Crowder’s Baby Mama Catches Him Cheating During Daughter’s 5th Birthday Party | She’s About to Expose Married Cavs Players Who Also Cheated

Earlier this year Jae Crowder accused his Baby Mama for cheating on him with another NBA player, Robert Covington. And since than Crowder and his ex have been battling over social media.

And… well it’s getting interesting. His baby-mama is accusing him of cheating during his daughters 5th birthday party. And well he isn’t the only one cheating. She is working on putting together the entire list of last years cheating Cavs.

This women is also reportedly Derrick Roses High School GF. Weird. Weird. Weird situation.

Check out some of these stories/messages on Instagram.

This is getting pretty interesting… which teammates could it have been?


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