Jadeveon Clowney is Expected to Join The Titans, Big Win For The Boys!!!

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A source close to the deal expressed the interest on both side to ESPN’s Diana Russini. Another great player joining a solid team in Nashville.

Now that all the legal obligations of giving credit is done let’s talk. What a win for the Titans, and for my guys at Bussin With the Boys. in the last 2 weeks the titans have picked up a stud kicker in Gostkowski, my favorite LB and Podcaster Will Compton and now Clowney!!

The city of Nashville is getting better and better. The Titans were already one game from the Super Bowl last year and now, I’m saying they are the favorite. Clowney on the edge, Compton in the middle, that offensive line led by Mr.Lewan (Taylor if you’re nasty) and a hall of fame kicker. Oh wait they have the best running back in the league and best young WR too. Time to hop on the bandwagon and Titan Up.

Oh and listen to Bussin With The Boys. They are just normal dudes playing a kids game for yin’s of cash, but they still crush beers and act like idiots like me and you.

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