@itsvegasdave is a juice bag loser

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Chances are if you bet on sports you’ve at least heard of Vegas Dave. The man is the self proclaimed GOAT of sports betting. Prior to two days ago I had actually idolized the man a little bit. Here is someone who seems to be highly successful doing what I love. Now over the last two days, I’ve dug a little deeper into this scum bag, and realized he STINKS.

Let’s first start with the fact that he never posts his winning tickets. He claims to be 65 wins in five losses on his current goat pics. However the only evidence of any of that is his word. It’s not like after the game ends he releases proof that that was his selection for the day. Any idiot can do that. However, it is fair to assume he must be winning a decent amount and people still buy his picks for a price of $1,200 for 1 pick.

My real issue arose when I realize this man is a juice bag. Yesterday his goat play of the day, his mortal lock, his guaranteed win with the Toronto Blue Jays Moneyline against the Cleveland Indians. The Blue Jays were -200. For those of you that aren’t too familiar with sports betting, this means you’d have to bet $200 to collect $300, so only winning $100. This takes no skill to do. -200 is such a heavy favorite. Someone with little to no knowledge of baseball, or sports betting could have looked at those odds and figured out the Blue Jays would win. So this fuck face charges people $1,200 for a pick that’s -200. Scumbag. No shit you’re 65-5, you’re picking -200 favorites every day!

There are bunch of other articles out there showing him using fake money in his posts. Claims of him misusing social security numbers. Long story short, this guy is a clown. He sells picks for thousands of dollars only to give out some bullshit heavy favorite. There is no proof of his winnings. He goes on IG Live in a goat mask hyping himself up. The guy flat out stinks(he’s also 5’6). So next time you want to buy Vegas Dave’s pick, don’t, just ride with Scals Selection 😉

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