It’s Officially Gameday! The St. Louis Blues and Detroit Red Wings Travel To The U.P To The Calumet Colosseum For Hockeyville | @CalColosseum @HockeyvilleUSA | Follow @ProSportsExtra and @TrevStonePSE for coverage of the entire day!

I’m excited to say that I’ll be in attendance today in Calumet, Michigan for the St. Louis Blues vs Detroit Red Wings game. The two face each other tonight for Hockeyville 2019.

The Calumet Colosseum is the host for this event as thousands of Yoopers voted to support their local sports history location.

If you didn’t know by now the Colosseum is the oldest indoor Ice Arena opening up in 1913… Yes, 106 years ago. This location has been through a lot and have been apart of more history than any other arena. And tonight the most historic hockey game in Upper Peninsula History will happen. 

I can’t believe that this is actually being played, this is awesome!

The entire U.P is excited for the event.

The location fits roughly 700 people.


Should Detroit Play A Game In The Upper Peninsula Every Year?

I truly believe the Wings should play a game every single preseason in the Upper Peninsula as it’s known for … hockey.

The U.P has D1 college hockey and have won Hockeyville two years in a row. Maybe instead of doing Hockeyville with a U.P arena just send the Red Wings to the U.P every season.

Have them play at a bigger rink with more seating and let us prove that we can sell out!

If you’re excited for the match up I’ve got you covered. 

If you’re looking to see updates throughout the day follow @TrevStonePSE on Instagram along with @ProSportsExtra. 


Well.. I better head to bed. I need to be awake bright and early to attend the Red Wings and Blues red carpet event as they show up to the rink.


My question, am I suppose to dress super nice seeing I have a media pass for an NHL game? I’ve never done NHL media. 

Be sure to tune in to watch on NBC.


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