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It’s Official! Nickmercs to Appear on Pardon My Take | @NICKMERCS @PardonMyTake

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During the triumphant win over Miami, Tennesse took a 21-20 at halftime behind the beefy offensive line and the stellar running play by Rico Burgerton and Stefan Cheah. At the half, it is revealed that Nickmercs is the guest to appear on Pardon My Take in a suspenseful fashion.

With incredible numbers peaking at 160k+ on the PMT Twitch channel, 100k was tuned in to see Nickmercs announce his appearance on the Podcast. As I blogged earlier

, he stated that he’s never done a podcast before but PMT would be “right up his alley.”

It’s going to be an electric start to the Fridays of millions of AWL and MFAM!

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