It’s Draft Season, Which Means Rumors Are All Over The Place About The Lions And The Seventh Pick

Draft season is officially upon us. Rumors are flying everywhere about the Lions and what they will do with the seventh pick. The Lions will have many options and at multiple positions. The latest rumor is about the Lions selecting a quarterback with the number seven pick.

Now, this latest report is from a Broncos report, so who knows if it’s true. Hell, even if it is true the Lions could be doing a smokescreen. If this is indeed not a smokescreen this basically means the Lions will go after Trey Lance or Justin Fields if available at seven. I’m high on both of these guys. Fields I have been n high on since he was in high school, the guy is a stud and has the potential to be elite in the NFL. In two years at Ohio State, Fields threw for 5,373 yards for 63 touchdowns on 68.4% and only nine interceptions.

Lance is a different story. He played for North Dakota State in the FCS. His first year, he played in two games and redshirted. In his redshirt freshman season, Lance put everyone on notice. Lance threw for 2,786 yards for 28 touchdowns and zero interceptions. Lance set an NCAA record for most throws (287) with no interceptions. This past year, NDSU’s season was canceled. Lance played in one exhibition game in October, throwing for 150 yards and two touchdowns but had one interception.

Both great resumes. The Lions have many holes in this roster. I’m still all in on Ja’Marr Chase, Kyle Pitts, or Micah Parsons. Those are the biggest positions of need for this team, but these guys wouldn’t be bad. I am a Goff fan, he can be solid for this team. But Goff is not the quarterback of the future. Selecting one now gets that out of the way. April 29th needs to hurry up so we can get these rumors over with. Welcome to draft season, rumors nonstop!


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