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It’s Been 3 Days Since Matt Patricia Has Been Fired; It’s Time To Stop Bringing Up Jim Caldwell Every Second Of The Day

We got our wish this weekend Lions fans; the QuinnTricia regime is gone. Everyone knows it was time after a miserable three years. But what some people need to get through their heads is to stop bringing up how Jim Caldwell was fired after a 9-7 season. We get it; he had a winning record and had a good locker room culture. But let’s be real, every Lion fan’s feeling of the team after the 2017 season was meh to say the least. Detroit fell out of the playoff hunt after ending a mediocre second half of the season by losing to a 5-9 Bengals team. It’s not as if the future was looking that bright. Everyone was quick to point out Patricia’s coaching miscues, but Jimmy had his fair share as well:

All through out this season, everyone from Lions fans to the national media loved to point out how Caldwell was fired with a winning record and comparing him to Patricia, which is fair, but to say that the Lions should’ve kept him are forgetting how the feeling was surrounding the team at the end of 2017. It was time for a change of culture. It’s obvious that the Patriots blueprint was the wrong choice, but that doesn’t mean that switching coaches wasn’t the right move. Caldwell was dull and it showed at the end of losses. It was clear that the team needed a spark of energy at times, which he never gave, and in post game pressers he and the staff would rarely take blame. Also fyi Jim Caldwell was 4-25 against teams above .500. To end off this blog, I’ll share some tweets from Lions fans back in 2017 to show how short memories some of them have:

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