It’s 50 Degrees In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (DURING SUMMER) and I Hate It

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Will someone please turn the heat back on outside?!?

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is freezing, I’m talking it’s 50° in the middle of summer right now.

I didn’t think that what’s happening could possibly be normal, I didn’t think it would even be possible. I know I’ve lived up here for 23 years of my life, but I feel like each year summertime comes and I love it.

But right now? How can you enjoy summer when it’s 50 outside? 1pm and it’s 50 outside?

One day it’s 90. The next it’s 50. Welcome to the U.P of Michigan where summer is beautiful but you’ll get days where it’s 50 degrees.

I went hiking and camping the other day, that was a blast.

The rest of the week? A little better.

On the bright side? If it continues like this next week I go to Vegas. And it’s hot there.

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