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It’s 1pm on September 23rd in the 2020th Year of Our Lord and the Celtics Already Lost Game 4

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Now you may be thinking to yourself, “hey Tim, doesn’t the Celtics Heat game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals start at 8:30 tonight? How could they be down 3-1 in the series already when the game hasn’t been played yet? Surely the players are still in their hotel rooms and didn’t sneak out to play already?”. And to that I’d say, you are correct. They game has not been pushed forward and you haven’t missed anything. Unless you didn’t see who’s working tonight’s game

Oh ya baby, Tony Brothers is in the house of mouse and is primed to “coincidentally” be officiating another playoff game in which the Celtics will most certainly lose. Check out this fun stat from Joe Murray way back in the Toronto series

Woof. 2-11. That’s an awfully lopsided number for a team as good as the Celtics. I’m sure we’ll be ripping our hair out by the clumps from 8:30 until about midnight tonight wondering how the Heat had double the amount of foul shots as the Celtics.

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