Isaiah Thomas Crying After Scoring 81 in a Pro Am Game is Tough To Watch @isaiahthomas

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Isaiah Thomas is a hooper no if ands or buts about it. The dude can flat out play the game of basketball at a high level and it probably is one of the most odd stories in recent memory he dominated when he was with the Celtics for a year, leading them to the playoffs, playing when his sister just passed away and brining life to the city of Boston.

All for them to throw him a way like he is a piece of garbage and his career has not been the same since. He has battled injuries and trying to fight and claw his way back into the league with little result to show for it.

It really is a shame that no one is giving this man even a chance, his work speaks for itself and it is odd to me that he is being treated like this. Are teams around the league really that worried about his hip? Like what happened that I am missing?

If I could get 80% of the IT that was leading that Celtics team I would sign him in a second to help my squad he surely could win 6th Man Of The Year, right?

Anyways IT has been BALLING recently in the Pro Ams showing teams he is ready to get the call to prove he can still play, he recently just scored 81 at the Pro Am and after the game he was very emotional.

You really feel for this dude, like he literally loves this game, like for real, you can tell how much he loves it. I really hopes he gets the chance he deserves, it would be great to see him back in the league.

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