Is Zach Ertz on his way out of Philadelphia???

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The Philadelphia Eagles offseason was curious but there is an issue in Philly that could boil over to the point of true disruption. Right before the season kicked off, there were reports that Ertz and the Eagles had broken off extension talks.

Rumor has it that the Eagles actually offered less money the second time around. Ertz has a base salary of roughly $8.5 million this year. That number is far below the average annual salary of some of the new tight end money signed this offseason.

If GM Howie Roseman and head coach Doug Peterson have balked at his asking price, it is safe to say that Ertz will eventually become a problem in Philadelphia.

I get that Ertz would like to be paid like Travis Kelce or George Kittle but it is hard for Philly, who are going to be astronomically above the salary cap next year, the deal Ertz would like to have when his replacement is already on the roster in Dallas Goedert.

There have been several camera shots of Ertz displaying bad body language during a game. Carson Wentz is clearly struggling this season but getting a distracted Ertz is only going to compile the issues in Philly. It also doesn’t help that Goedert has clearly outplayed Ertz this season which conspiracy theorists might believe the coaching staff is limiting his opportunities to lower his asking price.

I originally thought that the Eagles would trade Ertz next year to someone who would be willing to give him top tight end money but if the season continues to spiral downward for the Eagles, I could see them trading him before this year’s trade deadline.

A few teams who would clearly be interested would include the Indianapolis Colts or the New England Patriots. I don’t envision a scenario where the Eagles would trade him to an NFC contender as Ertz is still an above-average tight end.

Will Ertz be traded is a huge question mark but I will say having a disgruntled employee only adds fuel to the fire in what looks like an early season downward spiral.

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