Is Tom Izzo About to Fist Fight one of his Players?

This is March, man. Tom Izzo literally almost found his way into a cage match with one of his guys on the way into the locker room against UCLA. Check out the clip.

What’s Izzo thinking grabbing this guy? One, did he think nobody would notice? He’s surrounded by cameras! Two, what’s he expecting to happen here? If Brown wanted to, he could literally stuff Izzo inside the hoop like a basketball. Izzo’s like 4’11 for fucks sake! Who knows, maybe Brown hit Izzo with a Stone-Cold stunner as soon as they got into the locker room. For all we know Izzo walks back onto the floor with a neck brace on. If it were coach K he’d be on a stretcher from the tunnel altercation alone, so who knows what we’ll see out of Izzo.


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