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Is TJ Watt Leaving Pittsburgh; Watt Has “Captain” Title Removed!

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One has to wonder that with only six days until the Pittsburgh Steelers play their first game, why has TJ Watt not been extended?

Watt has been one of the best edge rushers over the past couple years, and for some reason the Steelers have yet to extend him. It’s not like they don’t have the cap space to do it, so what’s the hold up? Edge rushers tend to have a long life expectancy in the NFL and Watt has more than proven himself.

I can only imagine that in the next day or so that the Steelers will come to their senses and put pen to paper, because it’s absolutely silly that they have not done so yet. There are plenty of NFL teams that would salivate over the idea of having TJ Watt on their defense.

However, he is apparently no longer a Captain for the Steelers. Is it possible that there is drama going on in “Steel City?”

The next couple days should be interesting in Pittsburgh. Fans are either going to be very happy he’s resigned, or very upset if the Steelers decide that they no longer need him.

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