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Is this the final year for Drew Brees?

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The New Orleans find themselves in a tight spot regarding their quarterback situation. Quarterback Drew Brees revitalized that city after Hurricane Katrina and brought a championship to the Bayou.

This past offseason, there were rumors that Brees was ready to call it quits and start his broadcasting career. Now his latest injury places a dark cloud over his playing status but more importantly his NFL career.

Brees is reported to have suffered a collapsed lung along with five broken ribs. For an NFL player who isn’t getting any younger, this could be the final season for Brees.

The New Orleans Saints are projected to be almost $95 million above the salary cap according to Brees who signed a two-year deal in the offseason, would have a $13.5 dead money hit if he were to retire this offseason pushing New Orleans further into the abyss.

Regardless, I believe that the Saints are ready to move on as a franchise and I think are almost willing to let him retire without a fight so that they can rebuild. Classy move by the Saints to keep their veteran signal-caller in decline without pushing the issue.

If this indeed is the last season for Brees, I wish him well and I feel privileged to have watched him torment NFL defense’s for the better part of this century.

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