Is the UFC going back on the road in 2022?

Today, the UFC announced Calvin Catter vs Giga Chikadze as the first main event in 2022. It’ll be some sort of non-pay-per-view card of course, but that’s a freaking banger nonetheless. It’s great to see some fresh blood actually have a shot to make some noise at 145, but that’s not the point of this article. This announcement really got me thinking about the UFCs road schedule.

For those who don’t know, in the pre-covid world, the UFC was hitting a new city every week. Now, they’re just doing big arena shows for the pay-per-views, and every other card is happening at the Apex in vegas. Don’t get me wrong, I love the apex, but I’m ready for this thing to get back on the road. Take this weekends card, for example. Dern vs Rodriguez should be happening in some random city in Oklahoma in front of a packed crowd of hillbillies who are just completely jacked up to see people punching each other.

You know the just bleed meme guy? That guy’s really not showing up to the high-class pay-per-view events, especially with the skyrocketing popularity of the sport. You find the true neck tatoo, affliction wearing, NOS Energy drinking, UFC fan scum at these local shows in small cities. Those are the types of fans that make this sport great, and I miss them. Hit the road again, Dana.

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